Health Services Research

Health Services Research

Improving atrial fibrillation care in Michigan

This quality improvement intervention attempted to increase the use of warfarin for stroke prevention in patients with atrial fibrillation.

Principal Investigators: Brown, Skolarus, Morgenstern, Scott, Lisabeth. Funding: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Foundation.

Improving hospital outcome-based quality measures.

We are using national claims databases to identify potential weaknesses and opportunities to improve hospital outcome-based quality

PI: Burke.

Project 3

Using advanced statistical methods to help individual patients decide whether carotid artery stenting or endarterectomy is the best treatment option for them. Exploring current carotid treatment selection practices to assess for opportunities to improve.

PI: Burke. Funding: K08NS082597.

Improving clinical decisions for patients with carotid stenosis

Carotid stenosis is a common cause of stroke and can be treated through multiple different surgical and medical approaches. Using advanced statistical modeling techniques, we are working to help individual patients determine which approach is best for them.

PI: Burke Funding: NINDS K08 NS082597

Improving outcome based quality measures

Recent initiatives to improve quality of care have focused on comparing hospitals on the basis of their clinical outcomes. We are working to explore strengths and limitations of these measures to inform the development of improved hospital quality measures.

Understanding post-stroke racial disparities

African-Americans have worse clinical outcomes after stroke, yet the reasons for these outcome differences are not known. Using data from the National Health Aging and Trends Study combined with Medicare data, we are exploring the reasons for these differences. Ultimately, better understanding of outcome differences is essential to improving health outcomes both for minorities and for the broader stroke population.

PI: Skolarus/Burke Funding: NIMHD R01 MD008879

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