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No, not that timeline—not the Flaxh Buy Flash Catalyst CS5 frames Cafalyst layers used to create animations in Video Copilot Pro Shaders Pack buy key Professional. Text editing and formatting options are similarly Catallyst bones. Flash Catalyst is also compatible with Adobe Flash Builder formerly called "Flex Builder"using the same Buy Flash Catalyst CS5 format. Programmers can add coding via Flash Builder. Chapter Ten Frequently Asked Questions. Generally speaking, nobody will create Catxlyst projects using Flash Catalyst. The toolbar is rudimentary, with a stripped-down set of tools for selection, drawing, navigation, and zoom. When a new project is launched in Flash Catalyst, the opening dialog provides the option of opening a new project from a design file in Illustrator or Photoshop. The reason becomes clear if you switch Catalyst to its Code workspace. At the other end, Flash Builder coders will appreciate being able to integrate batches of Flex code generated directly by designers without having to guess at their intent. The program lets non-coder designers fashion interactive graphical elements that come to life as components of a Flash project—but only in conjunction with Flash Builder 4, which is now a member of the CS5 family.